Never Leave home without them..... accessories that is

Adorn - To decorate, add beauty to, as by ornaments. To make more pleasing, Attractive, impressive.

Creative - Resulting from originality of thought, expression, imaginative.

Chic - Attractive and fashionable. Adapting to or setting current fashions. 

Enhance - To raise to a higher degree, intensify, magnify, To make greater as in Value or beauty.

Stylish - Smart or chic. Being in accordance with current social fashions. 

Signature - Serving to identify or distinguish a person, group, etc.

Original - New, fresh, inventive.

Reinvent - To bring back. To revive.

Inspire - Sudden creative act or idea. A product of your creative thinking and  Work.

Zeal - Enthusiastic devotion to a person, cause, or object.

Express - To show or reveal. To set fourth feelings through art, words, clothing, Etc.

Adorning  yourself will take a little creativity on your part to pull together a look that is both chic and stylish, while at the same time enhancing your ensemble and revealing an original look and signature style that you can call your own.

Sometimes you may have to be innovative and improvise when you come up short in your accessory drawer.  I suggest a trip to the local closet/ jewelry box of your mom or grandmother if at all possible. I’ll bet you will be surprised and inspired by what you find and there is nothing better than reinventing  ways to breathe new life into old pieces.  Accessories enable you to express yourself without speaking a word whether it be with a big chunky ring, bright colored scarf, bangles, necklace etc.  It tells people that you put a little extra thought into planning your outfit and who knows, you may even inspire others to do the same. The bottom line is that accessorizing is just as important as brushing your teeth (well maybe I’m being a little over dramatic, but you get what I mean). If you incorporate it into your daily routine, with a little zeal and some consistency, it will become a habit.

Happy Accessorizing!!

HOT COLORS: mint and yellow and grey

Photos courtesy of mimi boutique. click here to view the entire collection.
Definitions courtesy of dictionary.com

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Anonymous said...

Ok I'm inspired!!! I'll adorn & enhance!! :)

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