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Recently, I  had a Saturday night to myself while my husband was traveling, and happened to catch the first Sex and the City movie on TV.  I know, I know, me, the fashion maniac had never seen it!
While I was drooling over Sarah Jessica Parker's wardrobe, something else caught my attention. She never wore large earrings throughout the entire movie.  Instead, she paired tiny stud earrings with beautiful statement necklaces.

This was an "aha" moment for me, because being a child of the 80's, there wasn't much that I didn't hang from my ears, and now I'm paying the price. With all of that being said, I decided that this is going to be my new look. Soon after making this decision, I was introduced to Sweet and Spark through a blog post by Megan Runion at For All Things Lovely.

Not only does Sweet and Spark have lots of beautiful tiny earrings, statement necklaces, bracelets and brooches, they are all one of a kind vintage pieces. Yes pleeeease! Oh! and did I mention, it's a father daughter team. How cute is that! Now go check them out!

Step #1 ~ Go to Sweet and Spark

Step #2 ~ Shop for your special Spark

Step #3 ~ Wait patiently (fast delivery) for your Spark to arrive

Step #4 ~ Unwrap your Spark

Step #5~Get your Spark on girl!

Step #6 ~  Love your Spark and share it with others

                                                                    Happy Tuesday!

*Heart logo courtesy of Sweet and Spark


Sweet and Spark said...

Thanks for the sweet post & helping share the spark! So glad you love :)

Jeannine~fabreview said...

Thank You!

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