Snow Day ~ Feeling Inspired Again

Hello my FAB family,

I pray that you have all been well during my absence from the blogging world. First, I need to thank all of you for your prayers, kind words, support, and patience as I mourned the loss of my best friend. I will miss her every day for the rest of my life, until I see her again.  She was my biggest fan, and would never want me stop doing what I love, especially since she was instrumental in pushing me out of my comfort zone to use my talents. So I will honor our friendship by continuing to blog with a smile on my face knowing that she is cheering me on from heaven.

 With that in mind, I saw last weeks snowstorm as perfect opportunity to start fresh.
There is something to be said about the peacefulness and beauty of snow falling (As long as you're not driving in it). When I was a child, I loved helping my dad shovel. I know it sounds weird, but I found it very therapeutic, and I still do. The quiet is so overwhelming, that it forces me to stop for a minute and take it all in, and just for a moment, the snow acts as a buffer between me and this crazy world. It is at this moment, when I take a deep breath and realize that everything is going to be okay, and how truly thankful I am for my life and all of the wonderful people in it.  It's good to be back!

Jacket~Target/Theory sweater~Double Take Boutique~similar here/Leggings~Sears~ similar here/Hat~Ramsey Outdoor store~similar here/ Gloves~similar here/Fossil Bag~Marshall's /Ugg Boots~a gift from a dear friend(limited sizes available)

                                          Take time to REALLY enjoy the little things
                                                                   Happy Weekend!


Meg D. said...

Love this - love you! Glad to see you are feeling inspired again. Julie would be proud!

Julie G said...

Beautiful pics!! Happy you are back to doing the blog. You have a new fan.

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