Fab Photo Shoot with Jessica Andersen Part One

My husband normally takes the photos for my blog, but when my friend, and professional photographer, Jessica Andersen of Jessica Andersen Photography asked me if I would like to do a photo shoot, I jumped at the chance. Ummm. Yes please!!!

She decided on the Van Vleck House for the location. It couldn't have been a more perfect day, with a more beautiful back drop! Jessica definitely helped me channel my inner super model. She has a great eye, and is a lot of fun to work with. I am hoping to convince my husband to let me hire her full time. Don't get me wrong, my husband does a great job, but it's definitely not his favorite thing to do. He does it because he is an awesome guy, and he loves me. (insert romantic sigh here).

Now, about this dress. I will be wearing it next week to a gala that my husband and I are attending. Can you believe I only paid $15 for it? You gotta love Marshall's! I honestly wasn't even looking for a dress, but I always like to check out the clearance rack just in case. It's one of those pieces that makes me feel like a movie star when I'm wearing it, and we all know, when you feel good in an outfit, well, you just feel good! I don't mean to sound material, but fashion really makes me happy. What makes you happy?

Dress~Rachael & Chloe($15.00 on the sale rack)~Marshall's~splurge here~save here/Shoes~Steve Madden~here/Handbag~(gift)~similar hereNecklace~Golden Nugget Flea Market~similar here/Bracelet~Lia Sophia(old)~similar here.

Have a glamorous weekend everyone, and do what makes you happy!
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Jeannine ~ fabreview said...

Thank you Joy!!! Love your blog!

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