Gray Definition

Gray: dull in color, lacking in cheer, or brightness in mood, outlook and style. Dismal, gloomy.
Poor gray, always getting picked on. It has such a sad reputation. No offense Merriam and Webster, but I couldn't disagree with you more. Gray to me, is Stylish, chic, easy and fun to accessorize.  I scored this maxi dress at Nordstrom Rack and it has been my summer go-to for everything from barbecues to date nights with my honey.

                                 A classic denim jacket always works for the cooler evenings.

Dress~in store purchase~Nordstrom Rack $39.00~similar here//jacket~J.Crew~here//Sam Edelman Gigi sandals~similar here//necklace~Pay Half n/l/a//belt~Target~similar here//watch~Michael Kors~here//rings~H&M and 2Anny's consignment shop//bracelets~Simply Chic Consignment Boutique.

                                                   So go ahead, and have a gray day!!!

Please pardon the shadow of the garage light in the background. It was my first time using my tripod and new camera. #newfashionbloggerissues

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