Crazy For Coats ~ Part 3

The next coat really isn't even a coat it all. It's a cape, and it's awesome!!!! I happened upon this beauty at a little boutique called Style Counsel, while shopping with friends in Warwick NY. Once again, I was attracted to the big chunky hardware, and I am loving this fresh take on leopard in the soft grey tones.
All in all, this winter hasn't been so bad (in the wardrobe department that is). The weather on the other hand, well, that's another story.

Sisters Outerwear cape~similar here(splurge)(save) here/Sweater~Marshall's~(splurge)similar here and (save)here/leggings(old)~Sears~similar here/Boots~Stewart Weitzman (gift from my hubby)~(splurge) here~(save) here/Sunglasses~RayBan~(splurge)here~(save) here/Gloves(gift from mom)~similar here

                                                   Hope you're all having a great week!
                                                            Thanks for stopping by!


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Love the cape, you look fabulous as always!
I've been trying to find a wonderful cape since the fall but everything I see that I love has wool and I'm allergic :(

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