Crazy For Coats ~ Part Two

Next up, is this Fabulous Walter Baker coat that was calling my name from the sale rack at T.J. Maxx. You're probably asking yourself, does she really need another coat? Ummm. Yes! It was all alone and needed a home, and besides, have you seen the winter we've been having in NJ? A Jersey girl(or any woman for that matter) can't wear just one coat for the whole season! Options people! Options!

I love everything about this coat, from the faux leather quilted sleeves to the asymmetrical zipper. I'll tell you one thing, having more than one statement coat, definitely helps with the winter doldrums. It's also the best time to buy one, because they are all on sale now. So go ahead, buy that coat(or two) that you've been wanting.

Walter Baker Coat~TJ Maxx~similar here and here/Stewart Weitzman boots(gift)~ similar style here/Sunglasses~Ray-Ban~here~similar here.

                                                              Happy Valentine's Day!
                                                        Have a great weekend everyone!

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