I Promise

As most of you already know, my husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in May. We have been home for two months now, and I still can't bring myself to switch my watch back to East Coast time, and we have also been binge watching Hawaii 5-0 since we have been home. Yes. I know, we're nerds.

When we were planning for our momentous occasion, we kept going back and forth between a trip, or a big party. I mentioned kind of casually to my husband, hey why don't we renew our vows in Hawaii and bring our best friends Pastor Dan and Margaret Hand with us, and then they can perform the ceremony. Before I knew it, he was dialing their number to see if they were available.

We have known this wonderful couple for 20 years, and they have been with us through it all. So it was an honor to have them with us to celebrate this special milestone. What an amazing trip! We met so many great people, and many of them wanted to know our secret to being married for 20 years. Simply said, God is at the center of our marriage. Yes. We have had our rough patches, and still do every once in awhile, but we work through them and pray them together and our marriage is even stronger now than it has ever been.

A few months ago, a very wise man and dear friend (Pastor Larry Hand) celebrated his 51st wedding Anniversary. His post on Facebook stuck with me and I think it's worth repeating. Here is his response to the many couples that think it's unusual to be married that long:
"I hear so often that marriage is hard, life is so hard. I don't think marriage or life is hard. I believe we make it hard by the way we allow ourselves to act, and say things that hurt and destroy each other. Actions and words will either build or tear down what you have. It's a choice. I preach often that marriage is the least place where the fruit of the spirit is practiced, and the greatest place where it is needed most. The greatest key is to never give up, family is too valuable". 

Wow! If that doesn't make you ponder a little bit, right? Is there fruit in your marriage or relationship?

What are some of your tips for a strong and healthy marriage? I would love to hear them.

Reading suggestion:

Check out our vow renewal video here.

I promise to love you
and to always hold you close in my heart.

I will always stand by you,
to comfort, support and encourage you.

will never take you for granted, but will always give thanks 
for your presence and the gift of your love.

I promise to respect you, to be faithful to you, 
and to cherish you today, tomorrow and always.

Have a love filled week!

What I wore: Dress ~ Shelly Glam Boutique (one of kind made exclusively for Shelly Glam)// Shoes ~ Zara (similar)// Hair by Sara at The Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa Kauai 
What he wore:Shirt ~ Pants ~ Polo by Ralph Lauren  // Shirt ~ Robert Graham // Shoes ~ Ferragamo

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